Hi, I’m Andrew.

I’ve been working as a design pro for over 11 years. We’ve probably never met because up until now, I’ve felt much more productive spending time on client work. Quietly cooped up in an office somewhere between San Francisco and New York City, I’ve spend A LOT of time behind a computer, headphones blasting John Richards morning show on KEXP, while pushing pixels around. Might I add, it’s mostly been time well spent, having worked with a handful of world-class brands and agencies (Apple, Annie’s Homegrown, Coke, Heineken, LG, National Geographic, Nokia, and many more).


Transitioning to freelance

4 of those 11  years have been invested in building my freelance career. Initially, I spent most of my time hopping between offices in NYC, desk surfing across the agency scene. I learned the art of integrating with a new team, and getting to know a new brand, all at light speed. The pace was furious, the hours were long, and the work was grinding – I loved it!

More recently, I’ve been interested in building my own studio. I’ve taken on more client work directly, and opted to work with agencies that respect my decision to work in my own space. As a result, I’ve worked on some really great projects, and because I’m not in a buzzing office, have had the opportunity to really focus on the work. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the transition from working in an office full-time to branching out on my own. Disclaimer: I admit some of that joy comes from avoiding the insanity of a commuting through Manhattan.


Don’t be a stranger

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my freelance design experiences, as well as other musings and inspiration. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about working together, please reach out: abetlyon@gmail.com.