How many times have you sat through someone’s powerpoint presentation, and found yourself struggling to follow the presentation because you were fixated on trying to read everything on each slide? Too many people think that adding more content to each slide makes their presentation more effective.

The way someone consumes a presentation is completely different than how they consume a deck you email or leave behind. In person, you should command their attention. If you’re projecting a slide with too much content, you immediately confuse your audience as to where they should be paying attention.

Tip: Do not present a document!

a slide is not a document

Documents are not presentations. Each slide should have the least amount of content possible to convey your idea. Let your voice over dominate the presentation and the visuals support it. Think of yourself as Mick Jagger, and your deck as the rest of The Stones. Try to avoid reading exactly what’s on each slide – your audience can read, don’t insult their intelligence.